AGM New Zealand: About Us

AGM Mobile is Asia’s leading designer of rugged mobile phones. In March 2022 AGM Mobile Ltd (HK) signed a joint venture agency agreement appointing the Outdoor Phone Store “as its official distribution and service agent” in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific islands.

This was done to provide AGM Mobile Ltd with a full service partner to service the growing AGM customer base in those areas. The Outdoor Phone Store has been selling and servicing AGM phones for nearly a decade – some customers are still using the AGM A8 models they purchased back in 2016! A sure sign of AGM’s legendary reliability, even if the tech in those early models is now considered ‘stone age’!

All AGM phones sold by the Outdoor Phone Store in NZ have been supplied direct from AGM Mobile’s own warehouse in HK, rather than parallel imported from third parties. Additionally we have shipped sufficient parts to ensure the phones can be quickly and efficiently serviced if necessary – something especially important to business customers.

All this means is that AGM phones purchased here from the AGM New Zealand site (established under licence pursuant to Clause 8 of the Agency Agreement between AGM and the Outdoor Phone Store) or the Outdoor Phone Store (orders from either site will be fulfilled by the Outdoor Phone Store) are exactly as they are specified to be, no surprises, and backed up by genuine factory parts and tech support. The agreement is non-exclusive, meaning the Outdoor Phone Store can continue to sell other brands and AGM can also appoint other agents who meet their standards. It does provide reassurance to customers that purchasing from official channels is their best option for a hassle-free purchase.

You can’t put a price on peace of mind.