AGM “authorised”?

Some online retailers claim to be “authorised” or “official” resellers of AGM phones. Some of them even publish certificates purporting to prove this.

AGM Mobile Ltd (HK), which controls the international partner network, was recently asked to verify the authenticity of two “authorisation certificates” published by the online retailer Rugged Phones NZ and its sister site Rugged Phone Store Australia, both of which recently claimed to be “authorised and official AGM distributor” shortly after the agreement between AGM Mobile Ltd and the Outdoor Phone Store was announced:


Anyone can now cut and paste from the internet. Customers seeking genuine AGM products need to know they can trust the retailer they are purchasing from, and that representations made are true. AGM Mobile Ltd signed an extensive four page contract with Outdoor Phone Store. Other retailers in NZ and Australia can also earn the official distributor status, but not by making false claims.

AGM Mobile Ltd has not appointed Rugged Phones NZ or Rugged Phone Store Australia as official distributors.